Corro-Coat EP (Epoxy Powder Coatings)

Product Description

Corro-Coat EP series 9 is a series of powder coatings which includes products for both decorative and purely protective purposes. This epoxy powder coating is based on curing of the epoxy resin by dicyandiamide (DICY) or special phenol hardeners. None of these curing reactions result in volatile by-products, which facilitate high film thickness without weakness in the coating.

Application Areas

Corro-Coat EP is aimed at applications for internal use and for products which demand a high degree of surface hardness, wear and tear and resistance to solvents and chemicals. Epoxy based powder coatings are not recommended for outdoor use when color and gloss durability is required. Special products are available for protection of steel reinforcement bars, pipelines and heavy-duty foundry goods, for example, valves. Corro-Coat EP Series 9 can also be successfully applied to other ferrous and non-ferrous bases.

Functional Qualities

The excellent adhesion and corrosion prevention qualities of epoxy coating are well known. However, what distinguishes this particular coating is its supreme resistance to chemicals and solvents. Accordingly, Corro-Coat EP is particularly well suited for use in aggressive environments.

Epoxy coatings will develop a white layer (chalking) after a relatively short exposure to direct sunlight. This limits the use of epoxy powders in outdoor applications if and when appearance is paramount. Nonetheless, the protective qualities of the coating is not impaired provided that adequate coating thickness has been applied and correct metal pretreatment ensured. White and pale colors can turn yellow if over-cured and if continuously exposed to temperatures exceeding 90ºC.


The general quality of powder coating systems is largely dependent on pre-treatment and the surface of the metal. Type and method of pre-treatment must relate to the finished product's definitive use.

Powder Application

Corro-Coat EP Series9 is suitable for use with all corona and friction charged spray equipment. The Corro-Coat EP formulation and particle size distribution results in excellent performance in electrostatic as well as friction-charged application equipment.

Curing Requirements

Corro-Coat EP Series 9, apart from standard curing, is also supplied in rapid curing "D" quality. Complete curing is an absolute requirement for maximum resistance to mechanical wear. Over-curing will result in reduced mechanical properties, particularly in matt finishes.

Storage Conditions

Keep in a dry/cool area. Max 25ºC/relative humidity 60%

Colour Selection

All colors are available to order

General Specifications

High performance polyester for architectural metal works

  • High level of surface hardness and resistance to wear and tear.
  • Excellent resistance against chemicals
  • Excellent adhesion to metal bases
  • Limited gloss and color stability from heat or UV exposure
  • Gloss (60º): 0-100
  • Excellent edge coverage against corrosion
  • Excellent corrosion protection
  • Excellent application properties
  • Excellent mechanical properties

EP Resistance Chart

Chemical properties at room temperature

  Polyester   Polyester
Seawater Sodium Carbonate 10%
Tap Water Petrolium
Distilled Water Crude Oil
Sodium Chloride 2% Edible Oil
Sodium Chloride 20% Refined Petrol (Gasolene)
Sulfuric Acid 20% Turpentine
Hydrochloric Acid 10% High Octane Petrol
Hydrochloric Acid, conc. Toluene
Nitric Acid 3% Xylene
Nitric Acid 10% Ethyl Alcohol 96%
Nitric Acid 30% Butanol
Phosphoric Acid 4% Isopropyl Alcohol
Phosphoric Acid 10% Glycerol
Phosphoric Acid 43% Cyclohexanone
Sodium Hydroxide 5% Acetone
Sodium Hydroxide 30% Methyl-ethyl ketone
Acetic Acid 10% Ethyl Acetate
Acetic Acid, conc. Trichloroethylene
Na-hypochlorite, dilute Sodium Bi-chromate
Lactic Acid 10% Hydrogen Peroxide 3%
Citric Acid 10% Phenol
Ammonia 10% Urea
Ammonia, conc.
Excellent Resistance
Limited Resistance  
Little or No Resistance