Corro-Coat MX (Epoxy-Polyster Hybrid Powder Coatings)

Product Description

Epoxy-polyester powder coatings are based on the curing of an acid-functional polyester resin by inclusion of an epoxy resin. The reaction does not produce volatile by-products. Corro-Coat MX has an excellent flow as well as high resistance to yellowing at high temperatures and exhibits good color stability in varying curing conditions.

Application Areas

Corro-Coat MX is mainly used for interior coating of household appliances, lighting fittings, furniture etc. It can also be successfully applied to other ferrous and non-ferrous bases. Special products are also available for use on porous bases, along with coatings with especially low surface friction.

Functional Qualities

The type of epoxy and polyester resins used in the powder has a significant effect upon performance of the coatings obtained. Polyester-rich MX will have a higher durability to exterior exposure, but reduced chemical and solvent resistance compared with the more conventional epoxy-rich types. The corrosion prevention characteristics are excellent, provided proper cleaning and preparation of the surface has taken place.

Curing Conditions

Corro-Coat MX is supplied in standard and accelerated curing ("D" quality) versions.

Spraying Characteristics

All epoxy-polyester powder performs well in electrostatic spraying equipment. In order to function equally well in friction-charged sprayguns, special formulations are required. In close co-operation with suppliers of such equipment, Corro-Coat has developed specific formulations of epoxy-polyester for friction charging

General Specifications

  • Excellent mechanical properties
  • Excellent flow and finish.
  • Excellent color stability with curing.
  • Maintains color and gloss with moderate effects of warming.
  • Excellent technical applications properties.
  • Limited resistance against chalking from UV exposure.
  • Gloss (60ยบ): 25-95

MX Resistance Chart

Chemical properties at room temperature

  Polyester   Polyester
Seawater Sodium Carbonate 10%
Tap Water Petrolium
Distilled Water Crude Oil
Sodium Chloride 2% Edible Oil
Sodium Chloride 20% Refined Petrol (Gasolene)
Sulfuric Acid 20% Turpentine
Hydrochloric Acid 10% High Octane Petrol
Hydrochloric Acid, conc. Toluene
Nitric Acid 3% Xylene
Nitric Acid 10% Ethyl Alcohol 96%
Nitric Acid 30% Butanol
Phosphoric Acid 4% Isopropyl Alcohol
Phosphoric Acid 10% Glycerol
Phosphoric Acid 43% Cyclohexanone
Sodium Hydroxide 5% Acetone
Sodium Hydroxide 30% Methyl-ethyl ketone
Acetic Acid 10% Ethyl Acetate
Acetic Acid, conc. Trichloroethylene
Na-hypochlorite, dilute Sodium Bi-chromate
Lactic Acid 10% Hydrogen Peroxide 3%
Citric Acid 10% Phenol
Ammonia 10% Urea
Ammonia, conc.
Excellent Resistance
Limited Resistance  
Little or No Resistance